Lit Crawl 2019 – Afrosurreal Writers Workshop of Oakland, CA

We’re in Litquake SF Lit Crawl 2019 this year!

A writers collective I am in, AfroSurreal Writers Workshop in Oakland, California, received notice last week that we are in a Lit Crawl 2019 featured spot.


Artwork by Alan Clark


Time Travel: A Literary and Poetic Exploration To The Next Dimension

AfroSurreal Workshop located in the Oakland/Eastbay wants to take audiences on a journey in the diverse ways we time travel. It may be a story set in the past or future, a cosmic universe, a graphic journey in other worlds or a walk through a Wakanda-like setting)


Dera R. Williams is a published author of fiction, nonfiction and memoir, a griot who has co-authored a short story collection and a collection of childhood memories of growing up in Oakland.

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