Preview – In My Backyard: Stories of Growing Up in Oakland

Some of you know, but many of you do not that I recently published a preview of my long awaiting collection of childhood memories. In My Backyard: Stories of Growing Up In Oakland- A Preview is 13 stories from my collection of dozens of stories I started writing back in the early 2000s.

I would see someone I knew from one of my old neighborhoods or classmate and the memories would come and I would jot them down in a journal. I have accumulated many stories and anecdotes over the last almost 20 years. I had been encouraged to send these stories out to the world ( a few of them have been published in various anthologies and journals) and in the last year have looked into publishers but have decided that this is the year I will finally publish them. While I am preparing to release a full volume in fall 2020, I have gone ahead and released this preview.

I hope you will enjoy these stories and will be excited about the rest come fall. Hopefully you will spread the words with others.

The Preview can be ordered at in paperback for $3.99 or eBook for $1.99.

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