2020 Redux

About two weeks before Christmas my daughter asked me if I needed a planner for 2021. She was obviously fishing for gift ideas. I told her that I had not used my past planners in the last two years I had used one, in 2018 and 2019. I had gotten into the habit of using my cell phone calendar and the notes app which I would transfer to online as needed.  I also had several different journals and notebooks Along with utilizing different journals and notebooks, I hadn’t had much use for planners and 2020 was the first year I that I had not purchased a yearly planner in about eight years. I don’t believe I consciously did not purchase one; I just didn’t even think about it. Could it be I was clairvoyant?

            It was at that moment that Rebecca and I looked at each other and with knowing smirks said something like “How appropriate.” It was apparent that in 2020, there was no need for a planner because any plans that were made after February fell by the wayside.

            I loved the feel and smell of a planner or journal. At the beginning of the year, I would fill it up with goals and intentions, outlines and story ideas, workshop dates and deadlines. I felt like I was accomplishing things as little by little, the planner’s blank pages began to fill up. January and February 2020 were crammed with all kinds of events. February was especially busy as I had four readings, Rebecca’s baby shower, my granddaughter Brooklynn’s praise dance recital and various Black History programs.

            And then in March, there were many cancellations and rescheduling and then the country was shut down due to Covid-19. Yes, the world stopped. Because in this year there was no time or space. No plans. No trips No writing workshops. No going anywhere. A planner for 2020 would just remain blank.  

            On a whim, I began researching planners between Christmas and New Year’s. I checked out planners for writers. I finally chose one that had goals that I can map out. It is a 2021 Erin Condren small Weekly Intentions & Goals planner. I will use that along with my online novel building files and a digital guide called StoryNotes Novel Planner. I had first said 2020 needs a do-over but now I say bring it on 2021. It is on and poppin’.

January 6, 2021

7 thoughts on “2020 Redux

  1. Excellent writing Dera. You have become a writer with a fantastic voice. Keep it going. I will share this with some others who have become a fan of yours.


  2. What a timely article!
    I purchased the Good Housekeeping 2021 Live Life Beautifully 365 days of ideas & inspiration planner. I use it to jpt down what I have done and not what I plan to do. Laughs….
    I also do not use a cell phone.
    I love the article!


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